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Activity Based Learning

Become a master of the spoken word while enjoying the stillness, balance and precision of a grand master of zen.

Activity Based Workshop's

Character Building


The foundations of storytelling, delve into the masters toolkit & learn everything you need to create effective characters to hook your target audience when you need to the most.

Storytelling Workshop


Practice / play storytelling games to flow more naturaly and have maximum influence everytime. 

Public Speaking


Create compelling visions in the minds of your people by mastering the art of framing, then fine tune your pace, posture, tonality, eye contact & subcomunication with ease.

Socratic Questioning


Master the art of asking the right questions, at the right time, in the right place to hit home every time. 

Word Play


Highly calibrated improv comedy workshop designed to integrate the best of improv practice into everyday real life application. 

Advanced Hypnotic Influence


This workshop usually attracts law school grads, entrepreneurs, business leaders, organization builders, actors, writers, directors those seeking the highest level of professional influence humanly possible. 

How can you be accepted into the program ?


As we continue to maintain the highest standards of quality assurance we can only accept a limited number of applicants per year. If selected your best chances for being accepted into the program is to have a very clear understanding of the character ethics found within this book. 



The Structure of Magic

In our modern world today, magic is not widely accepted as tangible or something that exists. In magician's of zen we refer to "magic" not as a supstitious belief, mystical power, witchcraft, religion, slight of hand, visual illusion or magic trick. Our use of the word "magic" refers to the actual effect that happen's within the human mind as a result of word association (aka the power of Mythology). The effect word's have within the mind & imagionation are as real on individual level as anything that exist's (King's, Pharoh's, Emporior's have always know this "control the story / mythology" and you control the people) Our goal here is to put this control / power / awareness / ability back into your hands. Our study here is the netrual art & science of word articulation and the effect it has on the human imagionation/consciousness. Every exercise, simulation, game we play is specifically designed for high level sucess in real world application as well as to enrich the quality of our everyday win/win experience for the people who surround us. In addition the term "Zen" as we use it refers to the ability to let go of this extraodinary power and remain in perfect serenity, peace, stillness, balance at any time. Zen is the ethical component to extraordinary power the ability & willingness to let it all go. 


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